To Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever Westminster Shorter Catechism Q&A 1

Here at Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church we strive to be a Confessionally Reformed Congregation, which means that all of what we are and do is firmly grounded in the Word of God, and we believe that the Westminster Standards are a faithful summary of Scriptures.

TRCP, therefore, strives to do everything according to Scriptures, from our worship service to our Christ-centered sermons, we strive to present Christ as the only way of salvation and the only solution for the needs of this fallen world.


At TRPC we strive to center everything around Jesus Christ. We believe that salvation is only possible because of the perfect work of Jesus Christ. Therefore our preaching, whether from the Old Testament or New Testament tends to be focus on Jesus Christ. And as we present Jesus Christ, we aim to apply Scriptures to God’s people.

Reverent Worship

Our worship service is structured in a way that follows closely the history of salvation as it is found in Scriptures. The paradigm of creation-fall-redemption-recreation informs every step of our worship. This means that in our worship services, we are going to do only that which is commanded in Scriptures and avoid any set of innovations that are not commanded in the Bible.

From the Call to worship, where God is seeking after His people, to the historic reciting of our faith through Creeds and Confessions tested by time, to the preaching of the Word and the Benediction, we make sure that God is the centerpiece of our worship.

We are Reformed

TRPC is a Reformed Church. This means that our inheritance comes directly from the Reformation of the XVI c. In that sense, TRPC is part of the true Catholic (meaning Universal) Church of Jesus Christ. We follow after the footsteps of our forefathers who strove to always be reformed according to Scriptures.

In that sense, TRPC, as member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) subscribes to the Westminster Standards as our Confession of Faith, but we also make use of several other Reformed Historic Confessional Standards like the Three Forms of Unity (Belgic Confession of Faith, Heidelberg Catechism and Canons of Dort).

Christian World-and-life-view

As heirs of the Reformation, we firmly believe that Reformed theology has to be applied to every area of life, in that sense we believe in an active Calvinism that is applied to our vocations as Christians. In other words, for us worship does not stop on Sunday but, as we are blessed by God and depart to the world we do so empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to serve God and bring glory to His name wherever the Lord has called us. So we encourage our members to engage in arts, sciences, education, work place and others from a Reformed perspective.

Additionally, TRPC has served the Montrose community since 1981 when the church founded Colorado West Christian School as a non denominational Christian school. CWCS is the oldest serving Christian school on the Western Slope and it is a hallmark institution in Montrose.