Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We exist to rejoice in the greatness of God and love all as Christ loves us.

We gather for worship to publicly, biblically and passionately honor God by celebrating His greatness and encouraging one another to rejoice in Him.

Our message is that God in his sovereign grace through Christ reconciles us to Himself giving us eternal life and everlasting joy in Him.

We believe the primary purpose of preaching and teaching is telling people about the greatness of God revealed in Jesus that they might know Him, be reconciled to Him, and live for Him.

The good news of Jesus is so great and crucial to the joy of all people in God that we endeavor to tell others worldwide about him and serve them in love.  To that end, we partner with missionaries, send short-term teams, and serve others in our local community.

Christians are all called and enabled by God’s Spirit to serve others.   Therefore we encourage and support one another in finding and developing local ministry opportunities.

We desire to build a welcoming and supportive community of love that shows grace and respect to one another so that we may help each other become more like Christ.

The Bible is the uniquely God-inspired book that tells us how great God is, reveals the glory of Jesus to us and nurtures us in a life of faith, hope, love and joy in Him.